Oak Wilt Injections
Oak Wilt Fungicide Injections

Fast-spreading and deadly, oak wilt is a disease property owners must be on the lookout for to protect any trees they own. When oak wilt is a concern, preventative measures and treatments are available to help protect the trees, but care needs to be taken to find the right method to use. Oak Wilt Trenching is a common treatment once the oak wilt has spread, but oak wilt injections are a form of treatment that works best before the trees shows signs of oak wilt disease to help prevent it from being infected.

How Oak Wilt Injection is Done

Oak wilt injections generally involve injecting chemicals inside the tree’s roots to help combat or prevent oak wilt disease. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s directions for any injection process, but it typically consists of excavation around the base of the tree to reach the root flare, injecting a fungicide into the roots, and drilling holes to distribute the fungicide properly.

The injections are typically done on trees that are not showing active symptoms of being infected, as this can help more with preventing the disease than stopping its progression. If a tree is infected and showing symptoms, injections can be done on the surrounding trees to help protect them.

What’s Used for Oak Wilt Injection?

There are various brands that can be used in the injections, but the main component of them is a fungicide. The fungicide is one that has been shown to help prevent oak wilt disease in red and live oaks and can help stop the spread before it infects more trees. Common chemicals used in the injections include Alamo and Propiconazole. Check with the manufacturer of the fungicide injection before use to find out what chemicals are used and learn about safe applications.

Timeline for Injection Treatments

Oak wilt injections are not just done once. They do need to be repeated, as the fungicide used in the injections will break down and dissipate over time. Once this happens, the tree is no longer protected from oak wilt disease and becomes more susceptible to it. It is recommended to have the injections done every 18 to 24 months, depending on what is used, the type of tree, and other factors. An Arborist can provide an inspection and treatment program together to help make sure the injections are done when they’re needed.

Are Injections a Treatment or Cure?

Once oak wilt has infected a tree, the tree will die. There is no cure for oak wilt disease yet, though there have been promising discoveries in that area that could lead to a treatment or cure in the future. Instead, injections tend to be more successful as a preventative measure. If a tree in the area is diagnosed with oak wilt disease, injections can help prevent the surrounding trees from being infected, too, slowing or stopping the spread.

It is important to note that there are no guarantees with injections. Though they can be successful if they are done before a tree is infected, they may not be successful if they are used on a tree that has already been infected. An infected tree may not show symptoms of the infection for up to a year, so if the injections are done during this period, it may not be possible to prevent the infection. If the injections are successful, they still need to be repeated regularly to continue protecting the tree from oak wilt disease.

DIY Versus Hiring a Professional

A common concern with oak wilt injections is whether they need to be done by a professional. Property owners are able to purchase the fungicide on their own and may be able to do the injections, but this is never recommended. It is vital to make sure the process is done right, including the correct amount of fungicide being used, to protect the tree without causing any damage. If there are any errors in the process, it could lead to the death of the tree. An Arborist knows how to do the injections properly to help protect the tree and can help with everything from an inspection to see if the injections will be successful to follow-ups to make sure the tree is still protected.

Oak wilt disease is a deadly fungus that impacts red and live oaks throughout the area. There is no cure for it yet, so any trees that are infected will end up dying. Injections, however, can help protect trees from infection if they are near an infected tree, helping to keep them alive and growing. If you’re worried about oak wilt disease and want to protect the trees on your property, contact OakWilt RX now for further information.