Arborist Tree Care Services

Living anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years, trees do more than just provide a little shade for the yard. Though their lifespan is long, they do require proper care to help them stay healthy and survive for as long as possible. If there are any trees on your property, you’ll want to take advantage of a Driftwood Arborist tree care service as well as pay attention to any health concerns that may arise. When you need any help with the trees on your property, turn to Oak Wilt RX for expert care.

Driftwood Tree Care Services

Hiring a tree care company in Driftwood can help keep trees healthier or remove them when they need to go. Tree trimming includes the removal of dead or dying branches, allowing more light to filter through the canopy, and other cuttings designed specifically with the tree’s health in mind. Though it may be beneficial for the look of the tree, it is a way to help keep trees healthy, too.

Sometimes, trees will need to be removed. They may be in a hazardous location, such as near a power line, leaning, damaged, or dying. When this is the case, tree removal is needed and should always be done by an Driftwood tree care professional. Along with removing the tree, the stump will need to be removed, too. Stump grinding helps to fill the hole and replenish nutrients in the area by grinding the stump into the ground.

Tree Disease Diagnosis

Tree diseases can range from something problematic to the tree to a devastating issue that kills the tree and easily spreads. Infestations can lead to diseases, but they can also occur in other ways, too. It is important to make sure any diseases are properly diagnosed so the correct treatment can be used to help the tree live longer or to recover fully, depending on the disease. An Driftwood arborist is needed to properly diagnose and treat any diseases.

Tree Disease Treatment and Management

Once a disease has been diagnosed, proper treatment is needed to make sure the tree can recover or at least continue to live as long as possible with minimal issues. With diseases like oak wilt, recovery may not be possible, but fast and accurate treatment can help minimize the impact of the disease. A certified arborist in Driftwood will recommend proper treatments and provide information about managing the disease to minimize the chance for the tree to die and need to be removed. Always ask questions, as the arborist will be happy to explain everything.

Always Work With an Driftwood Certified Arborist

Caring for trees must be done properly to minimize the damage done during trimming and correctly diagnose any potential issues. An arborist has the experience and training needed to help with any tree-related concerns. We have a certified arborist available to help with any tree issues you may be experiencing and to ensure your trees continue to be as healthy as possible. When you need any help with the trees on your property, trust the experts at Oak Wilt RX to arrive quickly and always make sure the job is done right.